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Creativity and imagination produce today's most valuable currency – innovation. A company's best ideas for creating or improving products or services come from people at all levels of the organization. Viva Design’s workshops help to harness more creativity. Our playful approach is based on the latest understanding and science of creativity.

In our workshops you will learn techniques to create videos, quality content for social media. Our exercises are great for building teams and expanding your knowledge. Supercharge your creative energy and bring back soul into your work! We will teach you the tools to create videos for social media that are worth watching.


We get people off their seats, out of their minds. The exercises are challenging, fun, fast and furious. They stretch participants into a new way of thinking or doing.


Ulrike Kerber


Viva Design’s workshops are designed to expand creativity in your company. Participants will come up with a quantity of ideas, experiment, learn new techniques and teamwork. They will create videos and learn to produce quality content.


We have an extensive range of playful exercises, that bring out the creativity in all of the participants, if they regard themselves creative or not. They are fun, team-building and improve collaboration!


  1. Generate an abundance of ideas using the Viva Design tool box of 21 tips and tricks

  2. Come up with more unconventional ideas by pulling from different domains

  3. Use playfulness to solve "real life problems"

  4. Build stronger teams by working together in ways you haven’t done before

  5. Develop more user empathy

  6. Bring back soul into the workplace by doing analog, hands -on, get-messy exercises

  7. Create meaningful content for your social media

Classes include:

  • Exercises for conceptualizing, writing, art and video creation.

  • “Training the eye to see different” exercises with smart phone cameras

  • Stop-motion /cel animation

  • Character creation out of recycled objects

  • Art installations (chandeliers, galleries, mobiles) with a variety of materials.

All exercises are customized to group needs.

Learn the tools and techniques so you and your team can generate successful, meaningful, dynamic videos for tv, online (social media), apps and projections.

  • Filming, Photography and Photoshop

  • Animation in Adobe AfterEffects

  • Editing in Adobe Premier Pro,

  • Timelapse, stop-motion, cel animation, gifs

As a result you have a completed company video with the topic of your choice. and the exercise files to use as templates.

Who should attend :Designers, Animators, Recruiters, Executives, Researchers, Artists, Producers, Managers, Copy-Writers, Programmers and any creative Leaders.



Creative thinking can be trained like muscles. It needs exercising. What is your creative fitness level?

Ulrike Kerber



Alan M.

entrepreneur, scientist and artist

Santa Barbara, CA

Learning about the worlds of creative process, through Ulrike's words, pictures and images, is enlightening and leaves you wishing for more!

Hannah C.W.

animator, designer

Atlanta, GA

Our past year of working together has taught me so much about what this business is and what is can be. Through your guidance I’ve grown so much into a more knowledgeable person. It made me focus more carefully on my goals and where I want my career to go. I look forward to working with you in the future,

Corinna M.

Healer and Ayurvedic Practitioner

Lindau, Germany

I love the fun and playful energy that the Viva design workshops are famous for!  My creative blocks are melting away under laughter and I am free to be a more powerful creator in my life

Sarah B. 


Yass, Australia

Such a wonderful way to bring like-minded people together to bounce creative ideas from one mind to the next. It is an amazing experience to see the work created by each individual or to be a part of a group that created a mini masterpiece!


Ulrike Kerber, Principal and Creative Director at Viva Design Inc., is known for fresh, clean and distinctive looks for youth, fashion, style and news.  Her work can be seen on tv, apps, web and large scale projections.  Clients such as Disney, E!, Style and Sprout ask Ulrike for brand design, style frames, animations, promos, upfront presentations and show package design.

Creativity and the ability to communicate ideas is a core strength.  Ulrike has given many creativity workshops for leading Motion Design Companies in Los Angeles, CA. She is a guest speaker and teacher at Hyper Island, Sweden and teaches at Miami Ad School and Design Akademie, Berlin as well as SCAD, Savannah's College of Art and Design.

Ulrike loves creating visual stories in all expressions and formats. She enjoys what is different, fashionable, whimsical and elegant.  As a world traveler she speaks several languages and loves multicultural experiences.  She’s won an Emmy Nomination and has awards from the Art Directors Club, NY Festival, Omni, BDA/Promax and others.

Viva Design Inc. is located in Santa Barbara, CA

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