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12 x 4 minute mixed media videos with live action and animations, website and apps.

This is more than just a video series for kids ... we have created the set-up for website, apps, , interviews and more ... all about cities, countries and cultures.

Learning about other cultures today more important than ever. The world has become so complex that many are overwhelmed and feel insecure. People worry about migration, political and religious minorities and anything that is different.


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An ongoing video series created for the international news station DW in based in Berlin, Germany.

The designs and animations have been developed based on the TV Station's branding guidelines and published between 2017 and 2018 on social media. Here are some samples!

The topics are timely, but have a longer shelf-life than regular news. Each video explains a fact with 2-3 big data points, illustrate a new phenomenon or reveals a common misconception.

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2-4 minutes, narrated, 12 animated videos - unknown facts about powerful women

The goal is to shine light on women, that have not been given deserved attention for their contribution to society, science, community building or economy.


Often women have worked in the shadow of men and now is the time to uncover some of their hidden accomplishments.


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Coming up with characters is fun for the creator and fun to watch.  Here are short stories for LiveNation, the largest music/event organization in the USA.


These stories are promoting events: 


National Tequila Day

National Rum Day

National IPA Day



12 x 3 minute video series ( with interviews and animated graphics) for social media raising  awareness.


This new, positive societal conversation fosters the healthy physical, mental and emotional development of boys and men, so that humanity can thrive as a whole. The goal is to create inspirational messaging to educate/inspire boys and their primary mentors. We partner with influential companies/celebrities to help amplify the conversation. 

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a series of 6 x 1 minute videos , mix of live action with interviews and animated graphics

A group of determined individuals heals a community after a natural catastrophe. The Montecito bucket brigade is made up of 2000 volunteers who helped clean up after a major earthslide in Montecito earlier this year. Devastating mudslides happened after heavy rainfalls in an area where a large scale wildfire burnt all plants and vegetation. 23 people were killed and over 100 houses destroyed.


The bucket brigade has since then successfully cleaned up homes, gardens, streets, etc and raised substantial funds for people who lost family members and hoems. Now they inspire other communities, who are in need of structure and guidance to work as a community.

"Meanwhile on Planet Earth"

the state of the planet and positive actions, a series of 12 x 1 minute videos


Environmental news of doom and gloom can leave one depressed and

feeling helpless.


“Meanwhile on Planet Earth” will take a different approach to educate, inspire, and activate audiences of all ages, but

particularly young adults ages 18-35.

Told through the voice of a visiting alien (Ulrike) sent here to gather ideas

for how to save her own planet, we will tell inspirational stories about smart

solutions and exciting ideas, and share tips to make positive change.






new ways of living/working together,

a series of 3-5 min live action interviews 


There are huge benefits of co-working/living such as overcoming loneliness, depression and addiction. Let’s design the future with unusual examples that progressively lead the way.

· support systems in co-living spaces. examples in Denmark (happiest country in the world) Denmark.

· cool co-working spaces featuring modern and unique architecture SBCAST

· social networking places, such as the “factory” in Berlin, a very cool space, which is designed to meet freelancers, creative collaborators and clients ( i still have a membership there and could do an interview)

· countryside off-the-grit-living




inspiring role models over 80

a series of 3-5 min live action interviews 


·  a short format about people that thrive in old age

·  targeting audience 18-35 years

·  format: intimate portraits interviews, 3 -5 minute long, short edits, fun graphics


Old age is perceived somewhat negatively in US society. We would like to disrupt the stereotype and show vibrant role models to create a hopeful perspective that would lead to more positive life decisions. The interviews could be conducted by one or more kids/ high-schoolers as part of their media education in our video creation workshop. Colorful pop graphics animate over video.


Example: Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree


Let’s spread the good news, ask the right questions and share positive stories about old age!





" Dance Saved my life"


A Zumba fitness teacher/guru, who had an immobilizing disease, healed herself with dance.

Years ago, she could not even get dressed by herself or even brush her teeth without help and today she teaches daily classes with over 100 participants, - the biggest Zumba classe in the USA!

She healed her disease by dancing. This is such an empowering changed my own perspective about pain and disease.


Each show is about a different individual telling and showing us what saved their life. 



There are many examples of dance, music, animals and other “healing powers”.


More inspirations “Dancing is more than fun — it's therapeutic”:

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