12 x 3 minute video series ( with interviews and animated graphics) for social media raising  awareness.


This new, positive societal conversation fosters the healthy physical, mental and emotional development of boys and men, so that humanity can thrive as a whole. The goal is to create inspirational messaging to educate/inspire boys and their primary mentors. We partner with influential companies/celebrities to help amplify the conversation.  



For over a century there has been an ongoing societal conversation focused on the healthy physical, mental and emotional development and empowerment for only about half the population: girls and women. Meanwhile, there is a total narrative void when it comes to sending similar positive messages to the other half of the population: boys and men.


Past logic has been that males don’t need any help because “they” are the problem and are seen as the enemy in an “us vs. them” fight. This paradigm needs to be challenged. “


"Rising Sons"  sparks a societal conversation directed at helping young boys grow and develop

into healthy men. This will augment and support the ongoing positive conversation with/for girls and women, so that all of humanity can thrive as a whole.




Examples of statistics to support this hypothesis:

1. the percentage of men vs. women in college used to be—58 percent to 42 percent as recently as the 1970s—the ratio has now almost exactly reversed.


(from an article in The Atlantic, “Why Men Are the New College Minority”


2. Men die by suicide 3.53x more often than women (from the American Foundation for Suicide, Prevention https://afsp.org/about-suicide/suicide-statistics/)

3. Men accounted for 86% of gun deaths in the United States (from a USA Today article, “‘Guns don't kill people; men and boys kill people,' experts say” siting an analysis from The Kaiser Family Foundation 



Leaders in this area: The GoodMenProject, https://goodmenproject.com

Format example Heineken commercial #openyourworld  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etIqln7vT4w

animated with interviews: https://vimeo.com/7020350