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Viva Design is an award-winning video and motion graphics studio based in California.

Working with leading brands and agencies across the globe, we develop video content, animations and design.

Our clients are TV Stations, Socia Media platforms, Non-Profits, Tech-,Music and Entertainment Companies.


Educational Programs by Viva Design

Music Video animation for Global Sophisticate Music: Kali J

Music Video for Global Sophisticate Music, Kali J


Sleepy Celli - Branding Kit

Sizzle reel Viva Design

Viva Design - Sizzle Reel

Branding projects

cassangra linedrawing.jpg
vision Zero - viva Design - awareness ca

City of Santa Barbara - Traffic Awareness Branding Campaign

City of Santa Barbara - Awareness Campaign

Cassandra Kublinski - Music Promo Graphics

Music promo graphics


Motion design is used on TV and YouTube and a million websites – because they help communicate complex messages in an easy-to-understand and visually engaging way. By adding motion to your words, photos, and/or illustrations, you bring another dimension to your presentation, which enhances your story and amplifies your message.

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