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We connect you and your audience via branded images and videos that are worth watching. We develop a clear focused message and concept to craft beautiful moving stories.

Our process: After clarifying the brand’s positioning, we identify the core idea. Then we focus on how to convey the message with a visual vocabulary that connects clearly and effortlessly. After reviewing and selecting the design style with you, we produce all branding materials in a team effort.

Results might be a new look or a content series that draws viewers, engages your audience and increases your “ likes” on website, TV or social media.

Ulrike Kerber, Principal and Creative Director at Viva Design Inc., is known for fresh, clean and distinctive designs for youth, fashion, style and news. Her work can be seen on tv, apps, web and large scale projections. Clients such as Disney, E!, Style, Apple itunes, Sundance TV, Own, BBC, Discovery, ABC Studios, Showtime, BET and Sprout ask Ulrike for brand design, style frames, animations, upfront presentations, show/promo package design and content creation.

Creativity and the ability to communicate ideas is her core strength. Ulrike has given many creativity workshops for leading Design Companies in Los Angeles and for Deutsche Welle and The Factory in Berlin. She is a guest speaker at HyperIsland, Sweden and teaches at Miami Ad School and Design Akademie, Berlin.

Ulrike loves creating visual stories in all expressions and formats. She enjoys what is different, fashionable, whimsical and elegant. As a world traveler, she speaks several languages and loves multicultural experiences. She’s won an Emmy Nomination and awards from the Art Directors Club, NY Festival, Omni, BDA/Promax.

Viva Design Inc. is located in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA with representation in New York.

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